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Our Food

Through-out the years, we have always strived to use the best produce available to us.  

Over our first 10 years we worked hard at developing our batter into something we were happy with,  to something eventually become proud of our own recipe batter which not only is light, holds less oil, but is also unnoticeably gluten free!  

We conscientiously choose our quality produce,  sustainable, and local were possible.  

In our packaging we have removed as much plastics as possible, replacing them with bio degradable or recyclable alternatives.  

For any bag we sell, reuse it and we'll knock 10p off your bill as a thank you for remembering to reuse.


 We cook using only the finest Hi Oleic Sunflower oil,

the best oil we believe to cook delicious fish and chips in.  

Using the finest British potatoes in a chip size that is best for lowest oil per gram.  

Only using fish that is caught through a responsible, sustainable program,

all this together creates the nations favourite dish.

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